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Photographs by David Henry

Including Paris, Mediterranean France, Eastern France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Canary Islands, Amsterdam, Malta, the United States and Canada. Regardez cette page en français

Photographs of Paris including: the musée du Louvre, the Marais, place de la Bastille, Sacré-Cœur, Montmartre, the Champs-Élysées, Notre-Dame Cathedral, île de la Cité, île Saint-Louis, l’Hôtel de Ville, da Vinci Code Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Left Bank, Saint-Sulpice Church, the River Seine, floods on the River Seine, Canal Saint-Martin, cats, dogs and birds in Paris, Belleville, festivals and people in Paris, boutiques, bars, restaurants and demonstrations in Paris.

  1. The Opéra Garnier panorama in concert
  2. Pavillon Sully bathed in a golden sunset
  3. La cour Napoléon between two gusts of spring weather
  4. The central portion of the mansard roof of the Richelieu wing of the Louvre
  5. The Venus de Milo and visitors to the Louvre gaze upon each other
  6. The cour Carrée at night, the Louvre
  7. The musée du Louvre’s cour Napoléon seen at dusk
  8. The Louvre’s Glass Pyramid, with pavillon Denon in the background
  9. I.M. Pei’s Pyramid in front of Pavillon Richelieu
  10. The main entrance to the musée du Louvre
  11. L’arc du Carrousel at the western end of the Louvre
  12. Light streaming through a window at château de Versailles
  13. Autumn leaves in the jardin des Tuileries
  14. The setting sun lights up a fountain’s spray at place de la Concorde
  15. Three statues in the fontaine des Fleuves at place de la Concorde
  16. A Citroën DS parked in front of an alimentation générale
  17. Writing tickets on the Champs-Élysées
  18. L’Arc de Triomphe in the middle of étoile Général de Gaulle
  19. The western façade of Arc de Triomphe seen from the Champs-Élysées
  20. L’Arc de Triomphe looking south towards avenue Kléber
  21. Falun’ Gong followers in front of the Eiffel Tower
  22. The Eiffel Tower viewed from below
  23. The Eiffel Tower
  24. A Motobécane on rue Tardieu
  25. Walking the dog, Montmartre
  26. Montmartre, west side
  27. Montmartre, north side
  28. Place du Tertre by day, Montmartre
  29. Place du Tertre by night, Montmartre
  30. Cutting heads on top of Montmartre
  31. Sacré-Cœur’s Cupolas at night
  32. Sacré-Cœur seen from rue du Chevalier, Montmartre
  33. Sacré-Cœur’s bell tower
  34. The interior of basilica Sacré-Cœur on top of Montmartre
  35. Sacré-Cœur (Sacred Heart), Montmartre
  36. A streetscape behind Sacré-Cœur
  37. L’Institut de France
  38. The Conciergerie seen from the Right Bank
  39. A sunset over the River Seine
  40. Pont Neuf, looking towards the Left Bank from île de la Cité
  41. Some boats moored just downstream from pont Neuf
  42. The scene at night down by the Seine
  43. Monumental architecture in front of pont Alexandre III
  44. Roadways along the River Seine
  45. Quai d’Orsay under a springtime flood
  46. Île Saint-Louis during springtime floods
  47. The entrance to square du Vert-Gallant under a springtime flood
  48. Square du Vert-Gallant under a springtime flood
  49. A view under pont de Sully and port des Célestins during the springtime floods of 2001
  50. Pont d’Arcole’s cast-iron skeleton, seen from île de la Cité
  51. Hôtel de Ville seen from île de la Cité
  52. Two people walking across place de l’Hôtel de Ville
  53. Hôtel de Ville’s central clock façade
  54. Hôtel de Ville under a golden sunset
  55. A detail of Notre-Dame
  56. Four saints lined up at Notre-Dame
  57. Notre-Dame under a marmalade sunset
  58. A woman hand-feeding sparrows in flight in parvis de Notre-Dame
  59. Saint-Eustache, with Forum des Halles in the foreground
  60. Up on the balconies at the centre Georges-Pompidou
  61. The centre Georges-Pompidou with the musée National d’Art Moderne inside
  62. A nocturnal panorama of canal Saint-Martin
  63. The canal Saint-Martin by day
  64. Canal Saint-Martin and the «écluses des Morts»
  65. Passerelle Hôtel du Nord: a bridge over canal Saint-Martin
  66. Bassin des Récollets and the canal Saint-Martin
  67. In between locks in the canal Saint-Martin
  68. Approaching another level of the canal Saint-Martin
  69. The Column of July, place de la Bastille
  70. The sun blasts through some clouds behind the colonne de Juillet in place de la Bastille
  71. Street musicians at place de la Bastille
  72. Fire eaters performing on boulevard Saint-Germain during the fête de la Musique
  73. A fire eater at a street festival next to the canal Saint-Martin
  74. Clouds of smoke rising from a barbecue during the fête de la Musique
  75. A merguez vendor calms the flames with some water on boulevard Saint-Germain
  76. Acrobatics in front of porte Saint-Denis
  77. Boulevard Saint-Denis, with portes Saint-Martin and Saint-Denis
  78. Rue de Cléry at night
  79. Rin Tin Tin’s grave in the pet cemetery in Asnières, a suburb just outside of Paris
  80. Two sets of people having phone conversations on rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Geneviève
  81. Façades along rue Manin in the 19th arrondissement
  82. African drummers in front of the Grand Halles in parc de la Villette
  83. Some chickens at night near gare de l’Est
  84. Place de la Bastille by night, opposite the Column of July
  85. A strange translation on boulevard de Clichy
  86. An amusing sign near the palais de Justice
  87. A man weighing himself in a pharmacy, boulevard Sébastopol
  88. The window of the «Destruction des Animaux Nuisibles» shop
  89. A pet adoption activist on boulevard Saint-Germain
  90. Some skulls in the Catacombs
  91. Place de la Concorde métro station
  92. Train tracks at gare du Nord
  93. Lunchtime with sparrows, near place Joachim-du-Bellay
  94. A merchant with his guard animal, at the flea markets of Saint-Ouen
  95. A face off between pets
  96. A typical news stand in Paris
  97. The Museum of the Middle Ages at les Thermes de Cluny
  98. Cleaning haunted streets in Belleville
  99. The Waiters’ Race: The day of fastest service ever
  100. Pétanque players at place de la Nation
  101. Fountain des Innocents early in the morning
  102. A car burning on quai du Louvre between pont des Arts and the Louvre
  103. Some friends of mine
  104. Two men at place de la Bastille
  105. A woman doing her best to destroy an automobile
  106. A sister with twins
  107. A friendly wave
  108. Canine human communication, place de la République
  109. Canal Saint-Martin under renovation
  110. L’Institut du Monde Arabe, with pont de Sully in front
  111. Notre-Dame seen from below pont au Double
  112. A street demonstration in place de la Bastille
  113. Place des Vosges in lavender season
  114. Chinese Lanterns in front of Hôtel de Ville
  115. Pont Neuf seen from quai des orfèvres
  116. Freshly restored streetlights in front of cathédrale Notre-Dame
  117. A dog at a the café «Le Chaland» next to canal Saint-Martin
  118. Reflections in the canal Saint-Martin
  119. The fontaine des Mers, place de la Concorde
  120. The front window of Fauchon, the gourmet cuisine shop on rue de Sèze, behind Église de la Madeleine
  121. Two women in front of the Eiffel Tower posing at the palais de Chaillot
  122. A participant in Paris’ annual Gay Pride parade
  123. Young bohemian types outside Chez Prune, next to canal Saint-Martin
  124. Tribal sculpture at the Market restaurant, on avenue Matignon
  125. The Occitane soap and bath shop, on île Saint-Louis
  126. Water cascading down fontaine des Innocents in the summer
  127. The Pick-Clops Café, in the Marais
  128. The Hôtel Hérouet on rue Vieille-du-Temple in the Marais
  129. The arcades of Café Hugo, place des Vosges
  130. The fontaine des Mers sprays down Parisian pedestrians
  131. Séphora, a perfume store on the Champs-Élysées
  132. The eastern side of Paris’ Opéra Garnier
  133. Charles Garnier’s Opéra is a legacy of Haussmann’s architecture
  134. Château Vaux-le-Vicomte, south-east of Paris
  135. Nicolas Fouquet’s wardrobe at château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, in Maincy
  136. The “Fountain of the Crown” at château de Vaux-le-Vicomte
  137. The Grottos in the gardens of château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, outside of Melun
  138. The south tower of Notre-Dame Cathedral
  139. A medieval house on rue François Miron in the Marais
  140. A staircase at Arnys, a high-end clothing boutique in Paris
  141. A soldier in front of l’Arc de Triomphe on July 14, the French national holiday, 2003
  142. A view inside the framework of the Eiffel Tower
  143. Beams, girders and pulleys inside the Eiffel Tower
  144. Flowers for sale in place de la République
  145. A statue on the Esplanade Trocadéro
  146. L’Arc de Triomphe in the spring time
  147. The first level of Saint-Sulpice Church’s façade
  148. The second level of Église Saint-Sulpice’s façade
  149. Saint-Sulpice Church’s southern tower
  150. Montmartre by night: Basilique Sacré-Cœur
  151. Cathédrale Notre-Dame’s southern doorway
  152. Colonne Vendôme, a monument to Napoléon
  153. The Pyramide Inversée in the Carrousel du Louvre
  154. The Carrousel du Louvre’s Pyramide Inversée
  155. The Ritz Hotel in place Vendôme, Paris
  156. The façade of Saint-Sulpice church
  157. The plaque at the bottom of the astronomical gnomon, inside Saint-Sulpice Church
  158. The summer equinox plaque inside Saint-Sulpice church
  159. The astronomical gnomon inside Saint-Sulpice church
  160. The central basin in the jardin des Tuileries
  161. The eastern side of the jardin des Tuileries
  162. The gates at the western end of the jardin des Tuileries
  163. The café in Les Bains du Marais
  164. Open air and live music along quai de Jemmappes
  165. One of the Arago plaques that mark the Rose Line in Paris
  166. The ceiling inside église Saint-Sulpice
  167. The altar inside Saint-Sulpice church
  168. Saint-Sulpice church’s ceiling
  169. One of the Arago Medallions placed along Paris’ “Rose Line”
  170. The chapel of the Holy Virgin, behind the high altar inside église Saint-Sulpice
  171. The floor of the Grande Galerie inside the musée du Louvre
  172. The high altar inside église Saint-Sulpice
  173. A detail of the right-hand side of the altar inside Saint-Sulpice church
  174. The Pyramide Inversée next to the musée du Louvre
  175. L’Arc de Triomphe and l’avenue des Champs-Élysées towards midnight, on a warm summer evening
  176. A teenager on rue Norvins in Montmartre
  177. An habitué of boulevard Saint-Michel
  178. Roland, the barman at Café 6, on rue des Canettes
  179. The prestigious Hôtel Plaza Athénée
  180. The atrium at the Pershing Hall Hotel
  181. The gardens and the Latona fountain behind château de Versailles
  182. The main headquarters of Tati, at Barbès-Rochechouart
  183. The night scene under pont au Double
  184. Pont du Carrousel, between the Louvre Museum and the Seine
  185. The restaurant Polidor, on rue Monsieur-le-Prince
  186. The Guichet of the Louvre Museum, quai des Tuileries
  187. Walking along quai de l’Horloge, île de la Cité
  188. L’Arc de Triomphe just after New Year’s
  189. The miniature pyramid rising up from the floor of the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall
  190. Léo le Lion with its velvet banquettes and candle-lit tables
  191. The «escalier d’honneur» leading up to the small apartments at château de Chantilly
  192. Art on display at château de Chantilly
  193. A furniture shop on rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine
  194. Château de Chantilly, a castle in the middle of a lake
  195. Château de Chantilly a castle surrounded by moats
  196. People feeding birds in front of Notre-Dame
  197. An Arago medallion on the banks of port du Louvre
  198. An Arago Medallion next to the Comédie Française
  199. The Inverted Pyramid, the Carrousel du Louvre’s skylight
  200. The Pyramide Inversée, seen from the food court
  201. Lower structural girders of the Eiffel Tower, at early dusk
  202. People hanging out late at night along canal Saint-Martin on a summer evening
  203. Bassin des Récollets emptied for renovations
  204. The basin between two sets of locks at the écluses des Morts
  205. The bell tower of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois church, next to la mairie du 1er arrondissement
  206. Waterfalls in parc des Buttes Chaumont in the 19th arrondissement
  207. La Marseillaise, celebrated on l’Arc de Triomphe
  208. Early morning visitors swarm around the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci at the Louvre Museum
  209. La chapelle du Couvent de la Reine at the Lycée Hoche, Versailles
  210. The ceiling at Saint-Sulpice Church
  211. The Chapel of the Holy Virgin, behind the high altar at Saint-Sulpice Church
  212. Candle holders on the high altar at Saint-Sulpice Church
  213. The main façade of Saint-Sulpice Church
  214. Sculptures in front of the pipes of Saint-Sulpice’s organ
  215. The keyboard of Saint-Sulpice’s organ
  216. The organ pipes at the far end of the nave at Saint-Sulpice Church
  217. The organ keyboard console at Saint-Sulpice Church
  218. The organist’s balcony at Saint-Sulpice Church
  219. The astronomical gnomon and brass line at Saint-Sulpice church
  220. Saint-Sulpice church’s Pierre & Sulpice rose window
  221. The Grand Gallery of the Louvre Museum
  222. Le Weekend, near Arts & Métiers
  223. The Liberty flame, during its “Lady Diana” phase, pont de l’Alma
  224. The south side of Notre-Dame’s towers
  225. The Latona fountain, château de Versailles
  226. The garden side of château de Versailles at sunset
  227. The Liberty Flame sculpture at pont de l’Alma
  228. The Tennis Museum, on the edge of Bois de Boulogne
  229. A wall of tennis racquets at the Roland Garros Tenniseum
  230. A bronze sculpture on display at the Roland Garros Tennis Museum
  231. Gilt ornamentation on the fence in front of château de Versailles
  232. Windows and façades on rue Sainte-Marthe, Belleville
  233. The north side of rue Sainte-Marthe in Belleville
  234. The sun setting on rue Sainte-Marthe, Belleville
  235. Shop storefronts on rue Sainte-Marthe, the 10th arrondissement
  236. Place Sainte-Marthe on a weekday afternoon
  237. The cheese shop on rue de Bretagne at the corner of rue Charlot
  238. A seafood stand inside the marché des Enfants Rouges
  239. Fruit and vegetable stands at the marché des Enfants Rouges
  240. Italian Cuisine at the marché des Enfants Rouges
  241. Flowers for sale at the marché des Enfants Rouges
  242. The Eiffel Tower seen from l’Arc de Triomphe
  243. The Eiffel Tower viewed from the Champ-de-Mars
  244. Canal Saint-Martin, seen from rue du Faubourg-du-Temple
  245. Reflections in the windows of marché Saint-Quentin, on boulevard Magenta
  246. À la Ville de Provins, a bar on boulevard de Strasbourg
  247. The «génie de la Bastille», at the top of the Column of July
  248. Watching the sunset over the river Seine
  249. The Louvre’s pyramid just before a storm
  250. L’église de la Madeleine seen from rue Royale
  251. The central pediment of église de la Sainte-Marie-Madeleine’s façade
  252. Inside l’église de la Sainte-Marie-Madeleine
  253. La Madeleine seen from rue Duphot
  254. The western corner of église de la Madeleine
  255. A sunset reflected in the river Seine
  256. The hôtel des Affaires Étrangères et de la Marine on rue de l’Indépendance Américaine
  257. The sun setting over pont du Carrousel
  258. The north pylon of Eiffel Tower seen from avenue de New-York
  259. Water spilling over the edge of fontaine des Fleuves
  260. Late afternoon sun on the façades of houses on île Saint-Louis
  261. The Eiffel Tower seen from palais de Chaillot
  262. The Eiffel Tower viewed from across the river Seine
  263. The Obelisk of Luxor at place de la Concorde
  264. Église Saint-Sulpice reflected in the fontaine des Quatre-Évêques
  265. The dome on top of the Hôtel des Invalides
  266. A statue on the second level of Saint-Sulpice church’s façade
  267. The south façade of château de Versailles seen from the “Hundred Steps”
  268. Gentry Lane, a fashion designer in Paris
  269. The eastern side of l’arc du Carrousel
  270. Columns and balconies on église Saint-Sulpice’s façade
  271. A woman reading behind Notre-Dame
  272. Notre-Dame Cathedrale’s flying buttresses on a sunny autumn afternoon
  273. L’église de la Sainte-Trinité, at place d’Estienne d’Orves
  274. A pavilion in the parc de Bagatelle, bois de Boulogne
  275. Pont Louis-Philippe bathed in the late afternoon sun
  276. This how the neighborhood looks on a nice, sunny day
  277. A view of a courtyard just after a hale storm
  278. The sun sets over Belleville
  279. Cooking up brochettes at a courtyard Bastille Day party
  280. Sardines roasting at courtyard cookout
  281. The spirit of Belleville
  282. Some durian fruit at an Asian market
  283. People doing the strangest of things with dogs on rue de Belleville
  284. The lycée Diderot at 60, boulevard de la Villette
  285. A discothèque set up inside a news stand
  286. The artists’ squat on rue de la Grange-aux-Belles
  287. A sidewalk art lesson on rue Saint-Marthe
  288. Some people standing along rue Piat
  289. A sidewalk preacher delivering his message with art
  290. The Bornibus mustard company’s sign on boulevard de la Villette
  291. Signs for Asian businesses along the eastern side of rue de Belleville
  292. Spectators at Chinese New Year’s celebrations on rue de Belleville
  293. A woman sleeping in an African restaurant on rue Bichat
  294. A delegation in a Chinese New Year’s parade marches up rue de Belleville
  295. The Long Photo Laboratory
  296. Tarte Julie, pastries on rue Cler
  297. Artichokes at Davoli, rue Cler
  298. La Fromagerie on rue Cler
  299. Chocolates from Belgium À la Mère de Famille, rue Cler
  300. Violon d’Ingres, the gourmet restaurant on rue Saint-Dominique
  301. A woman praying inside Notre-Dame Cathedral
  302. Crowds of people demonstrating on the colonne de Juillet in place de la Bastille, May First 2002
  303. Students protesting against the Front National on May First 2002
  304. A street demonstration against the Front National in Paris on May First 2002
  305. Three men protesting against the Front National, in Paris, May First 2002
  306. Americans protesting against the Front National in Paris, May First 2002
  307. Jacques Chirac supporters celebrating, in Paris, May 5, 2002
  308. Bruno Mégret and his wife in place du Palais Royal, Paris, May First, 1999
  309. A homeless Front National supporter, in place du Palais Royal, Paris, May First, 1999
  310. Parisians protesting against George W. Bush war agitations, February 15, 2003
  311. Americans protesting against Iraqi war plans, place de la Bastille, February 15th 2003
  312. Reflections on greenhouse windows in the jardin des Plantes
  313. A nighttime panorama of the River Seine
  314. The Queen’s pavilion at place des Vosges, with the passageway to rue de Béarn
  315. Pavillon des Arts in the cour Carrée at night
  316. Porte Sully, the western entrance to the cour Napoléon
  317. The sun sets over pavillon Sully
  318. Place de la Concorde, looking towards the north
  319. The sun sets on the Eiffel Tower seen from pont Alexandre III
  320. A detail of the bas-relief sculptures on Colonne Vendôme
  321. Corinthian columns in parc Monceau
  322. The Eiffel Tower seen through sculptures on pont Alexandre III
  323. Streetlights in place de la Concorde
  324. Tour Montparnasse seen from boulevard Vaugirard
  325. A park bench on allée des Cygnes
  326. The Medicis Fountain in the jardin du Luxembourg
  327. A frozen sculpture in the Stravinsky pool next to the Pompidou Center
  328. Notre-Dame’s Gallery of Kings
  329. A Statue of Liberty in the jardin du Luxembourg
  330. Gerbils at the marché aux Fleurs, île de la Cité
  331. A street sign on rue des Trois-Frères
  332. Goldfish at the Flower Market, île de la Cité
  333. The fountain in the jardin du Palais Royal
  334. Laying down parking space lines on rue du roi de Sicile
  335. Statues in Notre-Dame’s Portal of Saint Anne
  336. La Fermette, a cheese shop on rue Cler
  337. The statue of Joan of Arc in front of Sacré-Cœur
  338. The clock on la Mairie du Premier Arrondissement’s bell tower
  339. The History of Christianity, a mural above the high altar of l’église de la Sainte-Marie-Madeleine
  340. Kazana, a scarf and jewelry shop in the Marais
  341. Flying buttresses behind Notre-Dame Cathedral late in the afternoon
  342. A boat anchored beside quai de Jemmapes, canal Saint-Martin
  343. Watching the crowd go by in front of l’Épicerie du Marais
  344. A Batobus closes in on pont des Arts
  345. A fountain on the north side of square Louis XIII
  346. The eastern side of pont Neuf
  347. Notre-Dame seen from the Petit Pont
  348. The Louvre museum seen from quai François Mitterrand
  349. Notre-Dame’s towers viewed from pont au Double
  350. Bistrot des Oies, next to canal Saint-Martin
  351. Sacré-Cœur Basilica seen from square Willette
  352. The Moulin Rouge, at place Blanche
  353. A memorial plaque placed in the memory of Algerians killed a 1961 protest, October 17th 2001
  354. Palm trees in the jardin du Luxembourg
  355. Pont d’Austerlitz, seen from quai Saint-Bernard
  356. The western façade of l’Arc de Triomphe
  357. Le Consulat, a restaurant on rue Norvins
  358. The dome of Saint-Louis des Invalides church seen from boulevard des Invalides
  359. The statue of Dalida
  360. The Science Museum in parc de la Villette
  361. The southern façade of Notre-Dame
  362. Pavillon Richelieu seen through the glass panes of the Louvre’s Pyramid
  363. A man sleeping inside Saint-Gervais church
  364. Reflections in Forum des Halles’ windows
  365. Dramatic clouds hovering over the river Seine
  366. Peace, a painting on the ceiling in the Assemblée Nationale
  367. A duck in the Louvre Museum courtyard
  368. The Eiffel Tower seen from the gardens to the south west
  369. A man feeding pigeons in front of Notre-Dame
  370. The Eiffel Tower viewed from square Rapp
  371. Rue Charlemagne at the corner of rue du Prévôt in the Marais
  372. A triton in the fontaine des Mers, place de la Concorde
  373. The Hémicycle in the palais Bourbon
  374. Ling Lu in front of the Great Pyramid
  375. Au Bistrot de la Place, a café in place Sainte-Catherine
  376. Gargoyles on the outside of Saint-Séverin church
  377. A musician on pont Notre-Dame
  378. Windows and the roof line of Hôtel de Sens
  379. A panorama of the south side of île de la Cité in the summertime
  380. A cat who lives in a squat below pont Louis-Philippe
  381. The rose window on the south wall of Notre-Dame
  382. Place Sainte-Catherine
  383. Façades on rue d’Arcole, île de la Cité
  384. The Grand Palais seen from the Left Bank
  385. A chapel on the south side of Saint-Gervais church
  386. The Australian Greenhouse in the jardin des Plantes
  387. La Favorite’s neon tabaconnist sign
  388. A profile of one of the fontaine des Mers’ tritons, place de la Concorde
  389. Baxo, a hip restaurant behind hôpital Saint-Louis
  390. A rainbow over île Saint-Louis
  391. Scaffolding shadows on a building on île Saint-Louis
  392. The intersection of rue des Barres and rue du Grenier sur l’Eau
  393. Two brass pigeons above a restaurant door on rue de l’Hôtel de Ville
  394. L’Harmonie, a sculpture at the top of the Opéra Garnier
  395. Back scratching on pont des Arts
  396. A Citroën 2CV parked behind Notre-Dame
  397. Shakespeare & Company, an English-language bookshop in Paris
  398. The ceiling of the Grand Palais
  399. Streetlights along rue de Birague
  400. Shadows inside Saint-Sulpice Church’s porch
  401. Pont Notre-Dame seen from quai de l’Hôtel-de-Ville
  402. Impasse du Bœuf, an alley leading from rue Saint-Mérri
  403. The colonne de Juillet, seen from boulevard Bourdon
  404. Cars passing under pont Notre-Dame at night
  405. Roman “ruins” at the eastern side of parc Monceau
  406. A seagull above a fountain in the Louvre Museum
  407. Façades along rue de l’Hôtel de Ville
  408. A dog in front of a meat market on île Saint-Louis
  409. A Canauxrama boat heading north on the canal Saint-Martin
  410. Furniture shop signs in passage du Chantier
  411. The musée du Louvre seen from the musée d’Orsay
  412. A boy with candles inside Notre-Dame
  413. A man with a purple beard in front of Notre-Dame
  414. Clouds behind the statue at place de la République
  415. A statue of Saint-Denis on the south façade of Notre-Dame’s sacristy
  416. Sunbathing on quai de Bourbon, île Saint-Louis
  417. Pont de Sully seen from quai de Béthune
  418. Pont Solférino seen from quai des Tuileries
  419. A speedboat passing by île Saint-Louis
  420. A woman slamming her fist on the table at the Saint-Régis café
  421. Building façades on rue François Miron at sunset
  422. Quai d’Orléans on a sunny winter day
  423. Fall foliage along quai d’Anjou
  424. The sun sets over île de la Cité
  425. A cleaning truck perched on top of an access hatch at the Louvre Museum
  426. La Victoire, the statue above the fontaine des Palmiers, place du Châtelet
  427. Pont Alexandre III seen from the Right Bank
  428. Sunset clouds behind Sainte-Chapelle
  429. Flowers around a tree on île Saint-Louis
  430. A man with a Barbie handbag in front of Notre-Dame
  431. Windows on the east side of rue de Castiglione
  432. The Joan of Arc statue at place des Pyramides
  433. A ladder leading to the top of a chimney on rue Vieille-du-Temple
  434. The golden pyramid at the top of the Luxor Obelisk
  435. A statue of the virgin Mary in Saint-Merry Church
  436. Angels in a starburst above église Saint-Merry’s altar
  437. Spring tree leaves in front of Hôtel-Dieu
  438. The escalator tubes along the Pompidou Center’s façade
  439. A man with a huge dog on rue de Rivoli
  440. Notre-Dame’s towers viewed from pont Louis-Philippe
  441. Rue Vieille-du-Temple looking north from rue Roi-de-Sicile
  442. A rainbow above rue Rambuteau
  443. The Eiffel Tower seen from boulevard de La Tour de Maubourg at night
  444. A Gypsy beggar in front of Notre-Dame
  445. The medallion at the middle of Notre-Dame’s ceiling
  446. Clouds floating over the IRCAM Center
  447. An artist’s brushes and bag in front of the Pompidou Center
  448. The Café Pick-Clops, on rue Vieille-du-Temple
  449. Monsters on Notre-Dame’s ceiling
  450. A sunset over the musée du Louvre, seen from pont Neuf
  451. A Medusa carved in the door of the hôtel Amelot de Bisseuil
  452. The tower of the Grande Mosquée de Paris
  453. A Grey Heron next to some basins in the jardin des Plantes
  454. Building façades on rue du pont-Louis-Philippe
  455. A man and woman kissing on île Saint-Louis
  456. An angel with a broken face in Saint-Merri Church
  457. Two girls with their mom in Village Saint-Paul
  458. The main façade of the Pavillon de la Reine hotel
  459. The top of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by clouds
  460. Reflections of the musée du quai Branly
  461. The palais de Chaillot’s eastern wing
  462. 29 avenue Rapp, a showcase of art nouveau architecture
  463. The Grand Foyer inside the Garnier Opera house
  464. The façade of the Théâtre Adyar, square Rapp
  465. A man basking in the sun in the Tuileries Garden
  466. Water gushing from the upper saucer of fontaine des Innocents
  467. Water cascading down fontaine des Innocents’ basins
  468. Organ pipes at Saint-Sulpice Church
  469. Glass cat ’o 9 tails on pont Alexandre III
  470. Flutists on rue Vieille-du-Temple
  471. A lion spitting water in place des Vosges
  472. Accordionists in the Harvest Festival in Montmartre
  473. Four people watching a parade on rue Caulaincourt
  474. A Citroën Deux-Chevaux on île Saint-Louis
  475. Agustina Mosca with her didgeridoo in front of the Pompidou Center
  476. A twisted bicycle next to the Pompidou Center
  477. Chocolate in the window at Cacao et Chocolat on rue Saint-Louis-en-l’Île
  478. Île de la Cité under a pink and purple sunset
  479. Oranges at Le marché des Isles
  480. A bronze sculpture in front of Paris’ city hall
  481. Tour Saint-Jacques at sunset
  482. The Louis 13th statue in place des Vosges
  483. A sculpture by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle in Notre-Dame
  484. Tree shadows on a building façade on rue du Parc Royal
  485. A classical musician playing in place des Vosges
  486. The Republican Guard on horseback on île Saint-Louis
  487. Église Saint-Pierre de Montmartre during a snow storm
  488. A cheesy translation on rue des Halles
  489. An elderly lady in front of a tobacco shop on rue Saint-Antoine
  490. Graffiti in front of Serge Gainsbourg’s home
  491. La colonne de Juillet, with the Opéra in the background
  492. A dusty chandelier in Saint-Merry Church
  493. The Eiffel Tower and the French Institute at sunset
  494. A yellow Métro sign at place de la Bastille
  495. A weeping willow on île de la Cité
  496. An angel in Saint-Gervais church
  497. Cherry blossoms on rue des Barres
  498. The glass skylight roof over the Métropolitain entrance on rue des Halles
  499. “L’Art”, a statue-allegory in front of Paris City Hall
  500. People playing with birds in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral
  501. Rob Armus playing sax at the Cantine de la République
  502. An Algerian musician in front of the Pompidou Center
  503. A man with his two dogs on rue Rambuteau
  504. A duck racing by the Left Bank
  505. Flowers in front of a florist on rue Saint-Antoine
  506. A sphinx spitting water in place du Châtelet
  507. A flower on the western tip of île de la Cité
  508. Tomatoes on quai de la Mégisserie
  509. Cars driving at night along the Right Bank of the Seine
  510. The Louvre’s Pyramid lit up in red at night
  511. Water drops falling in a fountain in place des Vosges
  512. An artist in front of the Pompidou Center
  513. The western tip of île Saint-Louis
  514. An iron door grill on rue Vieille-du-Temple
  515. Schwartz’s delicatessen in the Marais
  516. A Fiat convertible on quai d’Orléans
  517. A man and woman behind a news kiosk on rue Saint-Martin
  518. The western façade of Tour Saint-Jacques
  519. Wrought iron on a door of Notre-Dame
  520. The tomb of Curé Languet de Gergy in Saint-Sulpice Church
  521. Ceramic advertising on boulevard Richard-Lenoir
  522. Place des Vosges seen from rue de Birague
  523. A sign reading «absence de Feux» on pont Marie
  524. An accordionist in Montmartre
  525. Two girls on rue de Temple
  526. Twisted window frames in place des Vosges
  527. A man smoking five cigarettes in front of the Pompidou Center
  528. Rue des Jardins Saint-Paul looking north
  529. Clouds floating behind place du Châtelet
  530. Rue des Barres looking north from rue de l’Hôtel de Ville
  531. A bird seller at the marché aux Oiseaux
  532. A view down from the steps of Passerelle de la Grange-aux-Belles
  533. Moulin de la Galette seen from rue Lepic
  534. The statue of Henri IV on île de la Cité at sunset
  535. Three photographers in square du Vert-Galant on île de la Cité
  536. The Cœur Défense office towers in Paris’ La Défense business district
  537. A musician playing the oud in front of the Pompidou Center
  538. Reflections inside the fontaine des Innocents
  539. Names engraved on the Column of July, martyrs of the revolution of 1830
  540. A swan on the river Seine below quai d’Orléans
  541. Clouds floating behind the Luxor Obelisk
  542. Clouds floating behind the Grande Pyramide of the Louvre Museum
  543. Locks on a fence on pont des Arts
  544. The Pinard family gravestone in the cemetary of Montmartre
  545. Street lights in the musée du Louvre’s courtyard
  546. The fontaine des Fleuves in place de la Concorde
  547. A man holding his dog in place des Vosges
  548. The Saint-Jean café on rue des Abbesses in Montmartre
  549. A woman with a chair on her bike on rue de Rivoli
  550. A twisted Vélib on rue des Halles
  551. A twisted bike on rue du Temple
  552. Two swans on île Saint-Louis
  553. L’Autre Café, a restaurant-bar on rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud
  554. A little girl celebrating the resignation of Hosni Mubarak
  555. A statue on the Jena Bridge in front of the Eiffel Tower at night
  556. A black cat in the gardens behind the main entrance to Forum des Halles
  557. The Pantheon seen from rue Jean du Bellay on île Saint-Louis
  558. Île Saint-Louis on a Sunday afternoon in January
  559. The south side of île de la Cité late in the afternoon
  560. The sun setting behind the statue of Charlemagne in parvis Notre-Dame
  561. A man walking down the steps of Saint-Gervais church on rue de Brosse
  562. The south façade of Notre-Dame seen from the Left Bank
  563. Statue faces in a fountain in place de la Concorde
  564. The Ma Bourgogne restaurant, opposite square Louis XIII
  565. The sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower
  566. Lights flashing on the Eiffel Tower at night
  567. Le Crédit Municipal de Paris, a bank in the Marais
  568. Façades along the north side of place des Vosges
  569. A sunset over pont du Carrousel
  570. A woman studying the back of a man in an advertising picture
  571. A policeman looking at a tourist’s pictures in front of Notre-Dame
  572. A street sign on rue d’Aboukir
  573. Alex, the fire juggler in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral
  574. Fireworks next to the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day 2010
  575. A bar man at the Café Louis-Philippe
  576. The equestrian statue of Étienne Marcel next to Paris’ city hall
  577. A man sleeping with a book about the difficulties of the French language
  578. A man about to be married in the Marais
  579. A bee on a flower in the jardin du Luxembourg
  580. Cups of coffee at a sidewalk café on the Left Bank
  581. Monsieur Collignon’s grocery store on rue des Trois-Frères in Montmartre
  582. The “Spirit of Freedom” at the top of the July Column
  583. A little girl with a Barbie doll on pont des Arts
  584. A cat in front of a bakery in the Marais
  585. Street sign graffiti on rue Aubry-le-Boucher
  586. A clown next to the centre Pompidou
  587. A view over Paris from Montmartre
  588. The west side of Basilica Sacré-Cœur’s cupola
  589. A surveillance camera on the Crédit Municipal in the Marais
  590. A mom walking with her kids on rue Saint-Paul
  591. Five office towers in La Défense seen from place Carpeaux
  592. The statue of the Virgin Mary in Notre-Dame des Victoires
  593. Cattle at the Salon d’Agriculture in Paris
  594. The Eiffel Tower seen behind three statues in the jardin du Carrousel
  595. The statue of Louis the 14th in courtyard of the Louvre Museum
  596. The Eiffel Tower at dusk with l’Institut de France in the foreground
  597. The cupola of Sacré-Cœur in a snow storm
  598. Cars driving along quai de Conti at night
  599. A gargoyle on Sacré-Cœur’s western façade
  600. The statue of Jesus on Sacré Cœur’s façade
  601. Sacré-Cœur’s southern façade and domes
  602. The campanile of Sacré-Cœur
  603. Three of Sacré-Cœur’s five domes
  604. A Honda 750 Four next to the Pompidou Center
  605. Hôtel de Ville during a snow storm
  606. A seagull flying above pont au Double
  607. The Column of July in a snow storm
  608. The Moulin Rouge under the falling snow
  609. Passerelle de la Douane under the falling snow
  610. Water spouting in the fontaine des Innocents
  611. Notre-Dame seen from île Saint-Louis
  612. Passerelle Richerand in a snow storm
  613. Quai des Tuileries in a snow storm
  614. Notre-Dame’s flying buttresses under the falling snow
  615. A surveillance camera on the Droit Humain building
  616. A statue and a man looking at pictures on a camera in the Tuileries Garden
  617. A man surrounded by women on rue Saint-Antoine
  618. The fountain north of the Luxembourg Gardens
  619. A merry go round next to Hôtel de Ville
  620. A fire on the bar at The Station on boulevard de Clichy
  621. The courtyard of the Louvre Museum in a snowstorm
  622. Rue des Rats, the previous name of rue de l’Hôtel-Colbert
  623. The palais de Tokyo seen from avenue de New-York at night
  624. Sculptures and windows on Hôtel de Sully’s façade
  625. A panorama of rue du Roule
  626. The apse of Notre-Dame at night
  627. A full rainbow over île de la Cité
  628. A lady taking a picture with an iPad on rue des Rosiers
  629. The sun setting over the Eiffel Tower and l’Arc de Triomphe
  630. An RATP van turned over and burned near Barbès-Rochechouart
  631. The fountain in the middle of the jardin du Palais-Royal
  632. Madame Paulo at Le P’tit Bar on rue Richard-Lenoir
  633. A pink Cadillac next to the Eiffel Tower
  634. A homeless woman sleeping with Monoprix shopping bags on rue Berger
  635. Église Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas on rue Saint-Jacques
  636. A car accident on avenue de Wagram
  637. The Tolbiac site of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
  638. Three dogs in the jardin des Tuileries
  639. The quai des Tuileries highway covered with water
  640. The pediment and lower half of the cupola on the main façade of the Palais de l’Institut de France
  641. Shafts of sunlight shining on the Eiffel Tower, seen from pont des Arts
  642. A booby-trapped police van behind l’Hôtel de Ville
  643. The sun blazing through the top level of the Eiffel Tower
  644. A ceramic horse butcher shop sign on rue du Roi-de-Sicile
  645. Left and right signs on rue Tournefort
  646. The Eiffel Tower seen from the jardin des Tuileries at sunset
  647. The western tip of île Saint-Louis inundated by the River Seine
  648. Église Saint-Louis-des-Invalides’ dome at night
  649. The fontaine des Orateurs-Sacré in front of Saint-Sulpice Church
  650. The southern side of la fontaine de la place Saint-Sulpice
  651. The Louvre Museum’s cour Napoléon under the setting sun
  652. The high altar inside Saint-Séverin Church
  653. A garden on île de la Cité in a summertime flood
  654. Galerie Vivienne on rue des Petits-Champs
  655. The sun blasting through clouds behind the monument in place de la République
  656. Two sparrows being hand-fed in front of cathédrale Notre-Dame
  657. A swan on île Saint-Louis
  658. The right bank of the River Seine flooded in June 2016
  659. The Eiffel Tower with the city of Paris’ slogan, Fluctuat nec mergitur
  660. The Eiffel Tower with the city of Paris’ slogan, Fluctuat nec mergitur
  661. A homeless man next to the Pompidou Center
  662. A double-headed goat in a shop window on rue Croix-des-Petits-Champs
  663. Square Vert-Galant inundated by the flooded River Seine
  664. The Luxor Obelisk in place de la Concorde at night
  665. A rainbow at sunset on the Left Bank
  666. The Louvre Museum’s pavillon Richelieu under the setting sun
  667. A nun in front of an altar inside Saint-Gervais Church
  668. The sun setting over the River Seine
  669. A reliquary inside église Saint-Séverin
  670. A rainbow behind Notre-Dame Cathedral
  671. Notre-Dame Cathedral’s northern rose window
  672. A sculpture of a fort in the Catacombs
  673. A wall of skeletons in the Catacombs ossuaries
  674. The Louvre Museum’s Colonnade at night
  675. The Eiffel Tower at sunset
  676. The tomb of Émile Zola in cimetière de Montmartre
  677. A wall of human bones piled along a walkway in the Catacombs cemetery
  678. Murals in the chapel dedicated to the holy virgin Mary in église Saint-Gervais
  679. A sunset on the Eiffel Tower viewed from rue de Rivoli
  680. The clouds over the center of Paris seen from the top floor of the Pompidou Center
  681. An angel below the organ in Saint-Gervais Church
  682. The cour Marly in the Richelieu wing of the musée du Louvre
  683. A beheaded statue on île Saint-Louis
  684. Cathédrale Notre-Dame seen behind a fountain next to l’Hôtel de Ville
  685. A snake spitting water in the Stravinsky Fountain next to the Pompidou Center
  686. Clouds floating above the Eiffel Tower seen from quai des Tuileries
  687. White chocolate in a Monoprix supermarket
  688. A man with a matchstick in his mouth on rue de la Verrerie
  689. The Eiffel Tower seen from the palais de Chaillot on a snowy day
  690. Pont Alexandre III during a winter River Seine flood
  691. Pont de la Concorde and restaurant boats on a flooded River Seine
  692. Île de la Cité seen from the Right Bank during the floods of January 2018
  693. Île de la Cité and île Saint-Louis during the River Seine flood of January 2018
  694. A restaurant boat put out of business by the River Seine floods of January 2018
  695. A flooded River Seine seen from pont Marie on the Right Bank
  696. The caserne Napoléon and place Baudoyer reflected in a puddle on rue François-Miron
  697. The sun setting behind a Ferris wheel at the western edge of the jardin des Tuileries
  698. Reading tarot cards in carrefour de l’Odéon
  699. The Métro entrance in place des Abbesses in Montmartre
  700. Sculptures and a citation from the Bible on the south side of Église Saint-Merry
  701. A heavily-loaded motorcycle on quai du Louvre
  702. The famous Café de Flore in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood
  703. The café Les Deux Magots on boulevard Saint-Germain
  704. A woman with a rodent running down her sweater in the Bird Market on allée Célestin Hennion
  705. Pierre Pradeau feeding sparrows in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral
  706. A Brinks truck next to Notre-Dame Cathedral
  707. A young woman cooling off in a shower of mist below pont Marie on the Right Bank
  708. A woman walking with her evil mangy black cat on pont Louis-Philippe
  709. A scorched, dismantled and vandalized scooter on boulevard du Montparnasse
  710. L’Hôtel des Invalide’s dome seen from avenue de Tourville
  711. The sun setting over the Luxor Obelisk in place de la Concorde, seen from cours la Reine
  712. The sun setting over Notre-Dame Cathedral seen from the Right Bank of the River Seine
  713. The hôtel Ritz Hotel’s courtyard
  714. The porte du Pont-Neuf entrance to the Forum des Halles, June 2010
  715. Cathédrale Notre-Dame on fire, Monday April 15th 2019
  716. A half-gallon jug of holy water in Saint-Séverin Church
  717. Inside cathédrale Notre-Dame before the fire
  718. Dramatic clouds behind the Eiffel Tower and l’Institut de France seen from the Right Bank
  719. Water spouting from a fountain in square Louis XIII
  720. Pink and orange clouds over the Eiffel Tower at sunset
  721. A pink and purple sunset behind Eiffel Tower
  722. A cloudburst behind the sculpture in place de Clichy
  723. Water gushing from la fontaine de l’Observatoire south of the Luxembourg Gardens
  724. La fontaine des Fleuves in place de la Concorde at night
  725. A nighttime view of Notre-Dame Cathedral from the Left Bank
  726. Clouds behind the south side of the Luxor Obelisk
  727. The second and third levels of Notre-Dame Cathedral’s façade
  728. The view southwest from the Printemps department store’s rooftop terrace
  729. The southern façade of l’hôtel d’Aumont in the Marais
  730. Spots of colored light on a mural inside Saint-Gervais church
  731. The ribbed vault ceiling inside église Saint-Séverin
  732. A dog transfixed in front of a butcher shop
  733. The Vendôme column seen from the west side of place Vendôme
  734. A flooded river bank below quai de l’Hôtel de ville
  735. The northeast side of colonne Vendôme at night
  736. The Eiffel Tower and l’Institut de France in front of majestic clouds
  737. Orange clouds floating above l’Institut de France at sunset
  738. Basilica Sacré-Cœur’s main facade
  739. The Fountain of the Rivers in place de la Concorde at night
  740. Drops of water falling in a fountain in square Louis XIII
  741. The Eiffel Tower seen from the Bir-Hakeim bridge
  742. Buildings on rue Rambuteau mirrored in windows of le Forum des Halles
  743. The main altar inside Saint-Eustache Church
  744. Snow falling on cathédrale Notre-Dame
  745. Clouds floating above the Panthéon
  746. A sunset over rue des Abbesses
  747. Spots of colored light projected from stained-glass windows inside Saint-Eustache
  748. Rue de l’Abreuvoir in Montmartre
  749. The Eiffel Tower seen from the heights of Belleville
  750. Reflections on a pavilion Willerval’s glass walls of the Forum des Halles
  751. The south facade of l’Opéra Garnier at night
  752. Sculptures at the top of église Saint-Jacques-la-Boucherie’s bell tower
  753. Saint-Eustache church in the snow
  754. The upper chapel inside la Sainte-Chapelle du Palais
  755. The north side of île Saint-Louis in the fall
  756. The eastern façade of l’Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile in the fall
  757. Water spraying in la Fontaine Carpeaux in place Ernest-Denis
  758. Seagulls in flight in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral
  759. Tour Saint-Jacques and église Saint-Eustache seen from rue Étienne Marcel
  760. A sunset on quai de l’Horloge and île de la Cité
  761. A boobytrapped bus in Paris
  762. A statue in the Luxembourg Gardens
  763. The central fronton at the top of the pavillon Sully
  764. The façade of the king’s bedroom in château de Versailles
  765. The skyline of Montmartre and Basilica Sacré-Cœur
  766. A Ferris wheel on the north side of the Tuileries Garden
  767. Building façades at the south end of rue de Sévigné
  768. Statues on the main facade of Paris’ city hall
  769. The rose window and spire on Notre-Dame’s southern facade
  770. The façade of Saint-Jean de Montmartre seen from rue des Abbesses
  771. Office towers on the eastern edge of la Défense
  772. Le Génie de la Liberté, the statue at the top of colonne de Juillet in Pace de la Bastille, behind winter trees.

A car on fire next to the Louvre Museum:

  1. A couple of firemen doing their best to put out a car fire on quai du Louvre
  2. Two firemen spraying down a burning car on quai du Louvre
  3. Firemen battling a car fire on quai du Louvre
  4. Firemen fighting a car fire opposite pont des Arts
  5. Flames shooting out from a burning car on quai du Louvre
  6. Smoke billowing out from a freshly-extinguished car fire
  7. A smoldering hulk, the remains of a car fire in front of the musée du Louvre
  8. A crowd of people gathered to watch a burning car
  9. The aftermath of a car fire next to the Louvre
  10. A Peugeot 205 on fire on quai du Louvre

Surprise wedding proposal photographer in Paris: Paris is a fantastic place to get engaged! Have the peak important moment of your life immortalized by a professional photographer…

  1. 在巴黎惊喜婚礼提案摄影师
  2. 驚喜婚禮攝影師在巴黎
  3. Barry asking his girlfriend Lisa to marry him in l’esplanade du Trocadéro
  4. Ray Kelm proposing marriage in front of the Eiffel Tower
  5. Florian Becker asking his girlfriend to marry him on pont Alexandre III
  6. Bobby Shipman proposing marriage on pont d’Iéna
  7. Manny Sagot asking his girlfriend to marry him next to the Eiffel Tower
  8. Alexander Sierra asking his girlfriend Sonja’s hand in marriage in place de l’Alma
  9. Manuel Vicente proposing marriage to his boyfriend on pont Alexandre III
  10. Alex Morton asking his girlfriend’s hand in marriage in place du Trocadéro
  11. Nik Zgraggen proposing marriage to his girlfriend on pont Alexandre III
  12. Preston Deanhardt asking his fiancée to marry him on pont Alexandre III
  13. Kim Godfrey asking his girlfriend to marry him on pont Alexandre III
  14. Mike Hoffmeister asking his fiancée to marry him on pont Alexandre III

Portraits in Paris, Rome and the United States: Headshots of Parisians and people around the world by portrait photographer David Henry. Paris makes for a fantastic photo studio; have portraits of you, your family and loved ones in the City of Light with the famous monuments of Paris in the background: Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, l’Arc de Triomphe, the musée du Louvre and the River Seine.

  1. David Van de Carr on a Roman Holiday
  2. Yan Cadran at night on some steps in Montmartre
  3. Alexandra at the Pont Tournant
  4. Keith Sarver, American artist
  5. Lori Thicke, general manager of Lexcelera
  6. Boston artist James Hobin working at home
  7. Marine in parc George Brassens
  8. Cyril Skinazy on the beach in Saint-Tropez, France
  9. A portrait of Laura Purdom
  10. Bassist Farris Smith Jr on pont d’Arcole
  11. Jacques Vincent, a Parisian actor
  12. Lisa, a tourism/travel writer
  13. Maria D’Arcy, writer, dancer and teacher in Paris
  14. Jean Grimbert, one of the owners of Arnys
  15. Michel Grimbert of Arnys
  16. A random portrait in Saint-Germain-des-Prés
  17. Yun Jiang at sunset in front of the Louvre Museum
  18. Shao Lin on the south side of pont du Carrousel
  19. Gentry Lane, a lingerie designer in Paris
  20. An American photographer in Paris
  21. Louis-Jérôme Marchandier, in front of the Eiffel Tower
  22. Irina, a bride-to-be in front of the Eiffel Tower
  23. Ling Lu, a bride-to-be in front of porte de Sully
  24. Sopheak So in the courtyard of the musée du Louvre
  25. Lucy with her high-fashion cigarette holder on rue Servandoni
  26. Anne Echols on passerelle des Arts
  27. Isabelle Canu on île de la Cité
  28. Keith and Amy Carney next to palais de Chaillot in Paris
  29. A man with two rats at the marché aux Oiseaux
  30. Laura on the pont Notre-Dame
  31. Alexandra Burada in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum
  32. Luana Lavvy Goldstar singing at the Swan Bar
  33. Portraits of Brooke Depenbusch in Paris
  34. Gérard Halin-Hélline, an actor and race car driver
  35. Ava, a talented young actress living just outside Paris
  36. A portrait of Apple Tee in front of the Eiffel Tower
  37. Portraits of Joe and Kristen Balonek in Paris
  38. Miranda Bothe, real estate agent in Paris
  39. Sheldon Forrest and Maria Muraeva on pont Alexandre III
  40. François Eck, attaché d’administration au ministère de l’Éducation Nationale
  41. Halima Saadi à Belleville, Paris
  42. Nailia Nourkhaeva, gallery owner in Paris
  43. Portraits of Pulkit Goel and his family
  44. Portraits of Sylvia Omorogbe in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum
  45. Portraits of Annette O in the ReMIX Hotel
  46. Portraits of Patricia Killeen on pont Alexandre III

Video and television

  1. Margaret Kelly commemorated by Maria Doyle in Montmartre
  2. The Mystery of Love, a music video by jazz singer Julie Rose Wilde
  3. Les Américains de Paris, broadcast on French television
  4. Da Vinci Code Paris on television in China, Summer 2005

Scammers, con artists and sundry other kinds of thieves

Pictures of flowers in Paris

David Henry in the press

  1. The cover of the Time Out Paris Free Guide, Summer 2004
  2. Baroque ’n’ Roll, an article by Alison Culliford
  3. A photograph of Strasbourg, France, published in New York Newsday
  4. Musicians playing in place de la Bastille, published on page 36 in The Connexion, November 2003.
  5. A photograph of apartment buildings in Paris, published on page 37 in The Connexion, November 2003.
  6. A photograph of the Waiters’ Race in Paris, published in the SaddleBag Notes
  7. The René Pierre Billiard shop in Paris, published in the Time Out Paris Visitors’ Guide
  8. Watching Tennis videos at the Roland Garros Tenniseum in Paris
  9. The Blind feeding the blind: Dans le Noir restaurant
  10. Bistros of Paris: 100% tobacco
  11. The replica of the flame from the Statue of Liberty’s torch
  12. Bistrot Sainte-Marthe in Belleville
  13. An Arago Plaque, published in the Art Papers
  14. The Pyramide Inversée, published in the Art Papers
  15. Pont du Carrousel, published in Art Papers
  16. La Pyramid Inversée, publiée dans Historia
  17. Une plaque Arago, publiée dans Historia
  18. Pont Neuf, published in What You Need
  19. Paysages parisiens insolites, paru dans Réponses Photo
  20. Heather Stimmler-Hall meets the Californian woman behind the lingerie that’s beating French boutiques at their own game
  21. Une photographie d’une voiture en flammes, publiée dans le bulletin de SOS Éducation
  22. The Inverted Pyramid, in the Japanese edition of the da Vinci Code
  23. Photographies publicitaires da Vinci Code pour une agence de tourisme à Bruxelles
  24. Pictures of Paris published in the da Vinci Code Travel Journal
  25. A squat on rue de la Grange-aux-Belles in Paris, published in the November/December issue of 2005 AdBusters
  26. Paris rue Beaurepaire: printed in the Spring 2006 issue of Forbes Four Seasons magazine
  27. Pictures of the Louvre museum and the Eiffel Tower published in the Graphique de France 2007 Paris calendars
  28. The high altar inside église Saint-Sulpice, printed in the da Vinci Code Illustrated Screenplay
  29. An interior view of the café Pick-Clops, in the March 2008 issue of Attitude magazine
  30. Deux photos en couleurs du pressing H2O dans le magazine «Home», édition de novembre 2011
  31. Le Pressing H2O dans le magazine «Sols, Murs et Plafonds», l’édition de septembre 2011
  32. The H2O dry cleaning shop in the newspaper «Le Parisien», September 11th 2012
  33. The H2O dry cleaning shop in the newspaper «Le Figaro», September 11th 2012
  34. Le squat artistique de la Grange-aux-Belles, dans «Les procès de l’art», Éditions Palette, décembre 2013
  35. Aimee Mann on page six of the Boston Common magazine, late spring 2015
  36. La vitrine de Lachaume dans le magazine Paris Capitale, l’édition du juin 2018
  37. Treasure hunt along the meridian of Paris, an Arago medallion below the Louvre museum, published in the magazine Sciences et Avenir, July 2021
  38. The Grange-au-Belles squat in “Justice for street art” published by Gramond & Associés
  39. Patricia Killeen in front of the Lido on the Champs-Élysées, printed in the August 6th 2022 issue of Irish Times
  40. Fran Brown in Absolutely Hertfordshire Magazine, published in April 2023

Eight pictures of Mediterranean France

Pictures of Boston rock groups

  1. Sorry playing on stage at the Rathskeller, Boston
  2. Sorry playing on stage at the Rat, Kenmore Square
  3. Sorry playing the Rathskeller in Boston
  4. Sorry in concert at the Rathskeller, Boston
  5. The Moving Targets playing on stage at TT the Bear’s, Cambridge
  6. The Young Snakes playing at the Rathskeller, Boston
  7. Xanna Don’t singing on stage at the Channel on Necco Street
  8. J.G. Thirlwell of Foetus singing at the Rat in Kenmore Square
  9. Ed Crawford playing at the Rathskeller in Kenmore Square, 1988
  10. The Underachievers playing at the Rat in Boston
  11. The Volcano Suns playing at the Rathskeller in Kenmore Square
  12. Billy Ruane, local rock impresario in Boston

Graphic artist in Paris, David Henry

  1. graphic design and page layouts by the artist from Boston

Photographs of France

  1. La Giraudière beach on the island of Oléron
  2. Abandoned fishing piers on a beach on the island of Oléron
  3. The tower of Saint Trophime, a Romanesque Church in Arles
  4. Steps and walkways inside the Roman arena in Arles
  5. Seafood salad and champagne on the French Riviera
  6. Vehicle washing activities on the northwestern coast of France
  7. A cat taking a drink of water from a stream in Les Andelys
  8. A high-end yacht moored at Saint-Tropez
  9. Signs telling us to yield in a variety of ways
  10. l’église de Saint-Pierre’s tower, île d’Oléron
  11. Oyster shacks on île d’Oléron
  12. Rain falling on the pond in the gardens at Claude Monet’s home in Giverny
  13. A phone booth in Le Havre
  14. La Lanterne des Morts at Saint-Pierre d’Oléron
  15. The Splendid hotel in Cannes
  16. Seafood salad in Cannes
  17. The “Needle of Étretat”
  18. Swans on quai Claude Bernard in Lyon
  19. Reflections on the sea seen from the Saint-Nicolas Jetty in Les Sables D’Olonne
  20. A blockhouse on the beach north of Les Sables d’Olonne
  21. The clock on the boardwalk in Les Sables d’Olonne
  22. A shell mural in les Sables d’Olonne
  23. The porte de l’Aude on the west side of château de Carcassonne
  24. A stream surrounded by trees and ferns running down a hillside in Vignec
  25. The main façade of Marseille Cathedral
  26. Clouds behind the Normandy Bridge
  27. Tour Saint-Nicolas in La Rochelle at sunset
  28. The ceiling above the high altar inside Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde in Marseille

Photographs of Canada

  1. Niagara Falls—spectacular, no matter how you look at them
  2. Québec City, old and new—The basilique Notre-Dame
  3. Québec City, old and new—Winding narrow streets seem made for wandering
  4. Musée du Québec’s modern façade
  5. A Québec City calèche
  6. Passengers peruse the Alberta scenery
  7. Pacific Rim National Park—Starfish and sea anemone
  8. Springtime in the Canadian Rockies, Alberta—A glacial lake mirrors its towering neighbor
  9. Springtime in the Canadian Rockies, Alberta—A ground squirrel peers out from the rocks surrounding Lake Louise
  10. The glacially-fed Lake Annette in Jasper National Park, Alberta
  11. A bighorn sheep finds green pasture in the Maligne Canyon parking lot
  12. The road to Lake Louise, Alberta
  13. Basset hound and a Ford Edsel, Jasper National Park
  14. Preparing a kayak at Eagle Nook Wilderness Lodge, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  15. Aiguillettes de canard, slices of cold roast duck at L’Express bistro, Montréal
  16. The Post Hotel in Lake Louise Village
  17. High tea at the Ritz-Carlton
  18. A boy checks out the orthodontics at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta
  19. Basilique Notre-Dame, Montréal
  20. Downtown Calgary gleams from the Calgary Tower
  21. The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden, Vancouver
  22. The courtyard of Serge Bruyère restaurant on rue Saint-Jean, Québec City
  23. Fiddlehead ferns in a New Brunswick market
  24. Life in the tidal pools fascinates a golden retriever
  25. Along Alberta’s Icefields Parkway, Athabasca Falls roars through a canyon created by eons of erosion
  26. Train tracks head west out of Banff, Alberta, bound for the Pacific Coast
  27. Coal Harbour Yacht Club, Vancouver
  28. The “Snocoach” shuttles passengers to the Athabasca Glacier, Alberta
  29. A cruise ship is docked at Canada Place, Vancouver
  30. Alberta’s badlands are an open book on the region’s geological history
  31. Formed by eons of erosion, a hoo doo towers over the sweltering Alberta badlands
  32. The Hockey Hall of Fame catalogs the feats of the men of ice, Toronto, Ontario
  33. One of Toronto’s trendy downtown bars, Masquerade, in BCE Place
  34. Neon signs wink at strollers along Clifton Hill in downtown Niagara Falls
  35. Visitors enjoy the walkway above the American Falls in Niagara Falls, USA
  36. Rue du Trésor, in Québec City, a miniature Montmartre
  37. Why the sign? Imagine Québec under more than a meter of snow
  38. Restaurants such as Aux Anciens Canadiens offer warm welcome and ancestral Québec cuisine
  39. Seen here from the Breakneck Stairway, rue Petit-Champlain is the oldest street in Québec City
  40. A footbridge traverses the falls at Parc de la Chute Montmorency, northeast of Québec City
  41. Playbills announce the latest offerings at Palais Montcalm in Québec City
  42. Ornate façades of Montréal’s Vieux Port contrast with downtown’s soaring lines

Six photographs of Alsace-Lorraine

Photographs of Italy: Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and Rome

  1. A crèche-supplies store window, Naples
  2. The Galleria Umberto I, Naples
  3. The Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples
  4. Some truncated columns, Pompeii
  5. Sheared off house walls, Pompeii
  6. A view of Golfo di Salerno, Amalfi
  7. The Harbor at dusk, Amalfi
  8. A kid with a miniature version of the mallets so many others have, Amalfi
  9. Kids line up on the steps of the Duomo Sant’ Andrea, Amalfi
  10. Walking through lemon groves, Amalfi
  11. Walking towards Atrani
  12. The middle of town, Atrani
  13. The view from a square perched on a hill, Minuta
  14. A man approaches carrying a bundle of straw, Minuta
  15. Continuing a hike up the hill, Minuta
  16. The Arch of Constantine, Rome
  17. The oldest bridge over the Tiber River, Rome
  18. The Church of San Lorenzo in Miranda, the Roman Forum
  19. Looking south over the Forum, Rome
  20. Castello Sant’ Angelo, a papal fortress dating from 590 ad, Rome
  21. Inside Saint Peter’s, Rome
  22. The view from the roof of Saint Peter’s, Rome
  23. A view of the ceiling at Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome
  24. The ceiling of the dome of Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Rome
  25. The interior of Saint Peter’s Basilica, in Rome, viewed from Saint Peter’s Portico, the main entrance way
  26. Columns of the Temple to the Dioscuri in the Roman Forum
  27. The Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum
  28. A panorama of columns in the ruins of Pompeii
  29. The Fountain of Trevi, in Rome
  30. The Trevi Fountain mark the endpoint of the Aqua Vergine aqueduct
  31. Some sailboats on the beach at Atrani, 600 meters from Amalfi
  32. Pope Alexander the 7th’s tomb in Saint Peter’s basilica in Rome
  33. The Colosseum, seen from a bridge over the end of via degli Annibaldi, Rome
  34. A sculpture of a pope in Saint Peter’s cathedral, Rome
  35. The inside of the Colosseum
  36. The Colosseum under the setting sun
  37. The outside of the main dome,viewed from the roof top of Saint Peter’s
  38. The west side of the Arch of Titus bathed in afternoon sun
  39. The upper portion of the Arch of Titus
  40. The Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna
  41. The statue of Neptune in the Fountain of Trevi
  42. A statue in the Courtyard of Honor at Castello Sant’ Angelo
  43. The Church of San Lorenzo in Miranda, the Roman Forum
  44. The Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum
  45. A view down Discesa Porta Marina, a street leading from Via Biancheri in Ventimiglia
  46. The western façade of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta in Ventimiglia
  47. The hills of I Pozzi seen from the old town of Ventimiglia

Photographs of Amsterdam’s Red Light District:

  1. Sintannendwarstraat in Amsterdam, Holland
  2. Oudekerksplein in Amsterdam, Holland
  3. Bethlehemsteeg in Amsterdam, Holland
  4. Monnikenstraat in Amsterdam, Holland
  5. Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Amsterdam, Holland

Strange, eccentric, freakish, quirky photographs of Paris:

  1. A man sleeping in front of the Centre Pompidou with his penis hanging out
  2. In the depths below square Denfert-Rochéreau
  3. A man asleep in front of the cinema next to bassin de la Villette
  4. The Modern Hotel in Gennevillier, a suburb just outside of Paris
  5. Cops interrogating a man near the Champs-Élysées in Paris
  6. A man wandering by place du Tertre in a toga
  7. A man whose leg is bleeding next to canal Saint-Martin
  8. A man urinating on a news stand in place Edmond Michelet
  9. A homeless woman defecating in front of Notre-Dame
  10. A young man playing with his fly next to fontaine des Innocents
  11. A beer fan in Notre-Dame Cathedral
  12. A man pretending to shoot a bird on rue Rambuteau
  13. A man with two cigarettes in place Joachim-du-Bellay
  14. The Dung Vietnamese restaurant on rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
  15. A girl writing strange things on rue Brisemiche
  16. A young woman writing in her sketchbook on île Saint-Louis
  17. A “woman” with her dog on a leash in place de Thorigny
  18. A urinal at the Belushi’s club in Paris
  19. A woman’s dress blowing upwards on île Saint-Louis
  20. A dead pigeon in place Joachim-du-Bellay
  21. A couple on vacation in Montmartre
  22. A woman with a teddy bear at the Louvre Museum
  23. A guy with his package hanging out lounging on Voie Georges-Pompidou
  24. A young man sunbathing in place des Vosges
  25. A homeless man with ripped pants in a fast food restaurant
  26. A homeless man sleeping in front of a Lise Charmel advertising poster for brassieres near Montmartre
  27. A woman in a stand in the fairgrounds inside the Tuileries Gardens
  28. A young man dozing on the sidewalk in front of the Julien de Savignac wine shop in the Marais
  29. A barefoot homeless man reading the newspaper at le Renard Café
  30. Policemen wrestling a homeless woman to the ground in place du Châtelet
  31. An extraordinarily ugly young man in front of the Centre Pompidou
  32. Two police officers looking for people smoking marijuana on île Saint-Louis
  33. A homeless man sleeping on rue Saint-André-des-Arts
  34. Marginal types hanging out in front of an advertisement for the latest trendy spots in Paris
  35. A man sitting in front of his van overflowing with nonsense, junk and garbage by the River Seine
  36. A street artist rotating his dentures in place du Tertre

Eight pictures of Massachusetts

  1. The passage of a tow truck improves a photo in Northampton

Photographs of the United States: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Detroit, Michigan, Baltimore, Maryland, New Jersey and Providence, Rhode Island, the South: North Carolina, Alabama, Covington, Kentucky, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, Massachusetts: Central Square in Cambridge, Cape Cod, Shelburne Falls in Central Massachusetts, Great Barrington, Richmond and the Mohawk Trail in Western Massachusetts and photographs of Boston: Chinatown, the Central Artery, Beach Street, J.J. Foley’s on Kingston Street, Kenmore Square, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Copley Square, Tremont Street, South Boston, the Boston Common and the Esplanade

  1. Watching New Year’s celebrations in Chinatown
  2. A car in a field with pink flamingoes, Great Barrington
  3. Shimmering water in the glacial pothole falls in Shelburne Falls, Central Massachusetts
  4. A beach in Wellfleet, Cape Cod
  5. Volley ball game spectators, Chinatown
  6. The last picture I took on American soil in 1996, Detroit, Michigan
  7. Lunch time at the Moran Square Diner, Fitchburg
  8. A fifty-year-old diner built inside a tractor trailer truck, Providence, Rhode Island
  9. A couple in the crowd
  10. The Cigar Priest, Baltimore, Maryland
  11. A man selling crystal jewelry on Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  12. The corner of River Street and Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
  13. The Mohawk Trail, Charlemont
  14. An apple orchard filled with dandelions in the late spring, Richmond
  15. Some signs with spelling errors, Somerville
  16. The God Car, Somerville
  17. A sign offering free dirt, Alabama
  18. Memorial Day parade spectators, Somerville
  19. Lawn ornament salesman, Gardner
  20. Copley Square Promenade
  21. The Dianetics Salesman, the Boston Common
  22. A homeless woman’s residence, Somerville
  23. Ingrid, a denizen of Tremont Street
  24. Beer drinker, Covington, Kentucky
  25. Waiting to enter Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee
  26. A man sleeping in The Blue Sands bar
  27. The Pizza Pad, Kenmore Square
  28. A Ross Perot supporter at a rally, 1992
  29. A preacher in the Boston Common
  30. A Summer Street denizen
  31. A cowboy in Central Square, Cambridge
  32. A man organizing his belongings near the Esplanade
  33. A mom feeding her daughter a hotdog, Downtown Crossing
  34. Mr. Butch enjoying sushi near Kenmore Square
  35. Some women heading out for lunch in Faneuil Hall Marketplace
  36. The Central Artery near Beach Street, Chinatown
  37. J.J. Foley’s, a bar on Kingston Street
  38. Anne’s Restaurant, near Symphony Hall
  39. A sign admonishing foot safety next to the Charlestown Navy Yard
  40. State troopers in the Saint Patrick’s day parade, South Boston
  41. Little League members getting ready for the Somerville Day Parade on Highland Avenue
  42. The Rancho La Brea Tar pits Museum of Los Angeles County
  43. Mel’s Drive-In, Hollywood
  44. The Hollywood First National Bank on Hollywood Boulevard
  45. The Scientology building on Hollywood Boulevard
  46. The L. Ron Hubbard Christmas “Winter Wonderland” on Hollywood Boulevard
  47. The El Capitan movie theater on Hollywood Boulevard
  48. A field of cacti at the Huntington botanical gardens, San Marino
  49. A stand of bamboo at the Huntington botanical gardens
  50. The Japanese house on the hillside across the lake in the Huntington botanical gardens
  51. A handball court on Newport Beach, near Los Angeles
  52. Lucy the Elephant in Margate, New Jersey
  53. The Modern Pastry Shop, in the North End
  54. Geno’s Philly Cheese Steak Restaurant, Philadelphia
  55. A Memorial to officer Daniel Faulkner at Geno’s Philly Cheese Steak Restaurant
  56. The John F. Kennedy Radio and TV repair shop, Roslindale
  57. Joe Coleman biting the head of a mouse at the Boston Film & Video Foundation
  58. Xanna Don’t, a Country singer in Boston
  59. A baseball park in South Boston
  60. Boston firemen in the aftermath of a performance by Joe Coleman
  61. A preacher screaming in the Common
  62. A homeless man in front of a wedding car in Chinatown
  63. A Ross Perot supporter at a rally in Boston
  64. A mom and dad walking their daughter on a leash on New Chardon Street
  65. An impromptu dental exam on Broad Street
  66. A musician in Park Street Station
  67. The United Shoe Machinery Corporation Building, seen in front of the Bank of Boston Building, viewed from Dewey Square and South Station
  68. Tires laid out in concentric circles outside a construction site in Boston
  69. Two women in leopard skin coats on Milk Street in Boston’s Financial District
  70. A house with lawn ornaments in Kentucky
  71. The Massachusetts State House in Boston, seen from the Boston Common
  72. The construction site at Boston’s Post Office Square Park
  73. The Tasty Sandwich Shop in Harvard Square
  74. The Prudential Tower rising behind two apartment buildings
  75. A man fiddling around with cigarette butts in the Theater District in Manhattan
  76. A man selling catnip in Manhattan
  77. A cat in the sink in Somerville
  78. An Xmas house in Somerville
  79. A sidewalk preacher in the City by the Bay
  80. A sunset over the west side of San Francisco
  81. The Seal Rocks off the western coast of San Francisco
  82. The Bay Bridge in San Francisco Bay at night
  83. Quintessential Victorian homes in San Francisco
  84. The Transamerica Tower in San Francisco
  85. The Orson Welles Cinema in Cambridge
  86. Three kids with guns in Woburn
  87. The South Bay Incinerator in Boston, next to the South-East Expressway
  88. The fountain on the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus
  89. Buildings along the Fort Point Channel waterfront at sunset
  90. Jonathan Fountain pulled over by MDC police on River Street in Cambridge
  91. Chet’s Last Call, a rock club near North Station
  92. The implosion of the Fort Hill Square garage
  93. The Post Office Square garage in a snowstorm, Boston
  94. The New England Telephone building rising behind the Post Office Square garage
  95. Post Office Square in Boston, 1987
  96. The New England Telephone building in 1988
  97. A sunset over San Francisco Bay and the Marin Mountains
  98. The top of the Hancock Tower rising in to the fog

Photographs of London and England:

  1. Tower of London’s Waterloo Block
  2. A guard on horseback at Whitehall Palace
  3. Big Ben, behind the houses of Parliament
  4. Westminster Abbey’s Chapter House
  5. The façade of Winchester Cathedral
  6. Electrically-powered public transport at the London Transport Museum
  7. Sculpture on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  8. A Chinese restaurant floating in the Grand Union Canal
  9. The Waterloo Barracks, inside the Tower of London
  10. Inside Sega World, Piccadilly Circus
  11. Big Ben, the clock in Victoria Tower
  12. Arcades linking buildings in Greenwich Observatory complex
  13. The Houses of Parliament in London
  14. The Dickens’ Inn at Katherine’s Dock
  15. Sculpted columns of the Natural History Museum’s entrance
  16. A public phone booth in London
  17. Sculptures at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  18. Gourmet water transport at Saint Katherine’s Dock
  19. Virginia Woolf’s house in London
  20. Neal’s Yard
  21. The London Inn in Cornwall
  22. Thistles in the Cornish countryside
  23. Tower Bridge in London
  24. An information sign in the London Tube
  25. The dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London
  26. The Balmoral in Edinburgh, seen from the Scott Monument
  27. The John Knox House in Edinburgh
  28. The Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin
  29. A sunrise in Edinburgh
  30. King’s College Chapel seen from the Backs in Cambridge

Photographs of the Canary Islands:

  1. Emerald-colored water off the coast of Gomera, the Canary Islands
  2. Tenerife airport: modern transportation set in the tropical idyll of the Canary Islands
  3. A sunset blasting through clouds on the Canary Islands

Pictures of Malta:

  1. Cactus flowers covered with snails
  2. Fishing boats on the island of Gozo

Wedding photographs by David Henry, wedding photographer in Paris

  1. Kids whetting their whistles while waiting for cake
  2. Edward Engel and his father, Arnold at cake time
  3. Max taking a quick detour through the realm of pre-made popcorn
  4. Sue Hartke, Edward Engel, Sue’s brother and the rest of the gang under the elephant
  5. Edward Engel in front of Lucy the Elephant
  6. Sue Hartke and Edward Engel, in Margate, New Jersey
  7. Sue Hartke, getting some apparel help in Margate, New Jersey
  8. Edward Engle looking out over Margate, New Jersey, from inside Lucy the Elephant
  9. Arnold Engle and Lee Buchanan at Sue Hartke and Edward Engle’s wedding
  10. Sue Hartke and her friend Ann
  11. Friends and Family celebrating Edward Engel and Sue Hartke’s marriage
  12. Guests getting to know each other at Edward Engel and Sue Hartke’s wedding
  13. Irina and Michael in front of the Eiffel Tower
  14. Ling posing in her wedding gown in front of the pavillon de l’Horloge
  15. Ling Lu in between the cour Carrée and the Cour Napoléon
  16. David and Ling Lu in front of pavillon Sully
  17. Ling Lu in her wedding gown in front of porte de Sully
  18. Ling dressed in her wedding gown on quai Malaquais, in front of l’Institut de France
  19. Ling Lu in her wedding dress in the jardin du Luxembourg
  20. Ling in her wedding gown in the jardin des Plantes
  21. Sue Hartke and Edward Engel in front of Lucy the Elephant
  22. Sue Hartke and Edward Engel underneath Lucy the Margate Elephant
  23. Edward Engel and Sue Hartke with Judy under Lucy the Elephant
  24. Edward Engel and Sue Hartke cutting their wedding cake
  25. Michael Dolan and Irina holding hands on the Eiffel Tower
  26. Michael Dolan and Irina posing in front of the Eiffel Tower
  27. Christopher Henry and Jing Qing Huang wedding in the Jack London State Historic Park
  28. Mikael and Naz Oliver in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Photographs taken in the Czech Republic:

  1. House façades on a back street in Slavonice
  2. House façades in Znojmo
  3. A religious saint statue niche in Slavonice

Eight pictures of Switzerland

Five photographs of Germany

December 2003 vacation pictures, a family reunion in Los Angeles featuring: George Reading Henry, Denise Namara, Stephanie J. Henry, Ian Juberg, Tyler Henry, Noelle Henry, Kelsey Namara and her cats Zeus and Tamino, Mike Myers, Danny Myers, Eric Henry, Joan Garnett, Chris Henry, Rachel Garnett, Bruce Henry, Nikii Henry, Silas Grady Willis. On display: a few pictures the 23rd and 24th, Christmas day in Hollywood, a trip out to Stephanie’s house in Newport Beach and the next day in Westminster, the “Little Saigon” of Los Angeles, our family reunion in honor of Eleanor Riblet Henry, an excursion to the La Brea Tar Pits museum and an Ethiopean lunch, wandering around Hollywood Boulevard, the Huntington Botanical Gardens, playing with the cats at Kelsey’s house and posing in front of the Hollywood sign.

Be Nice: Beach Fashions by Schinasi

Twisted, odd and weird pictures of Paris

  1. A man sleeping in front of the Pompidou Center
  2. My friend Dave Van de Carr paying the highest of tribute to the distant generations in the Catacombs
  3. A homeless man asleep in front of the cinema next to bassin de la Villette
  4. The Modern Hotel in Gennevillier, a suburb just outside of Paris
  5. Cops interrogating a man near the Champs-Élysées
  6. A man wandering around Montmartre in a toga
  7. A man whose leg is bleeding next to canal Saint-Martin
  8. A man urinating on a news stand in place Edmond Michelet
  9. A homeless woman defecating in front of Notre-Dame on the Ides of March
  10. A young man playing with his trouser zipper next to fontaine des Innocents
  11. A big fan of beer in cathédrale Notre-Dame
  12. A man pretending to shoot a pigeon near the Pompidou Center
  13. A homeless man with a cigarette in each hand in place Joachim-du-Bellay
  14. The Dung Restaurant at 15, rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
  15. A young woman writing odd things on rue Brisemiche
  16. A young woman writing in her notebook on île Saint-Louis
  17. A “woman” with her dog on a leash in place de Thorigny
  18. A urinal in the Belushi’s club’s toilets
  19. A woman’s dress blowing upwards on île Saint-Louis
  20. A dead pigeon in place Joachim-du-Bellay
  21. A couple on vacation, rue Audran in Montmartre
  22. A woman with a teddy bear at the Louvre Museum
  23. A guy with his package hanging out lounging on Voie Georges-Pompidou
  24. A young man sunbathing in place des Vosges
  25. A homeless man with ripped pants in a fast food restaurant
  26. A homeless man dozing in a sleeping bag in front of a Lise Charmel publicity poster for brassieres near Montmartre

In Swedish: Fotografieren vid David Henry: Paris, Frankrike, Italien, Canada, och den Förenta Staternas

  1. Bilderna om Alsace-Lorraine områden av Frankrike vid David Henry
  2. Bilderna av Canada vid David Henry, Index Sida Två
  3. Fotografieren av Canada vid David Henry
  4. Fem bilderna av sydväst Tyskland vid David Henry
  5. Fotografieren av Italien vid David Henry: Naples, Uppblåst, den Amalgamet Kust och Rom
  6. Åtta bilderna av Mediterrant Hav Frankrike vid David Henry
  7. Åtta bilderna av Massachusetts vid David Henry
  8. Bilderna av Paris, Frankrike vid David Henry, Sida Två
  9. Fotografieren av Paris, Frankrike vid David Henry, Sida Tre
  10. Bilderna av Paris, Frankrike vid David Henry, Sida Fyra
  11. Fotografieren av Paris, Frankrike vid David Henry, Sida Fem
  12. Fotografieren av Paris, Frankrike vid David Henry, Sida En
  13. Bilderna om Förenta Staternas vid David Henry, sida två
  14. Fotografieren om Förenta Staternas vid David Henry, sida två
  15. Åtta bilderna av Schweiz vid David Henry

In Danish: Fotografier af David Henry: Paris, Frankrig, Italien, Kanal, og den Amerika

  1. Fotografier i Kanal af David Henry
  2. Fotografier i Italien: Rome, Pompei, den Amalfi Kyst og Naples, af David Henry
  3. Fotografier i Paris Frankrig
  4. Fotografier i den Amerika af David Henry

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