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On March 2nd and 3rd 2005, I was interviewed and filmed by the members of Y.D. Communications, in partnership with the Association Style de Vie for their show, «Impressions de France».

David Henry in video:

In general, the subject of this episode is the da Vinci Code phenomena in Paris. There was also a wish to bring to life the objects, images and buildings in Paris described in Dan Brown’s novel.

While producing the episode, the opportunity was also taken to show the physically visible discrepancies between descriptions of Paris, and the way the city is. I was asked to participate in this production because I had taken 29 color photographs for the illustrated edition of the da Vinci Code. Shown above is an abridged version, excerpts from the episode.

I was on television again in November 2008, in a show entitled, «Les Américains de Paris», and in July 2013 I shot sequences for Julie Rose Wilde’s music video, The mystery of love.

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