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Apartment photography in Paris

Have your real estate in Paris photographed by a professional photographer!

The living room of an apartment on rue Roger-Verlomme in Paris.

Place des Vosges Treasure one bedroom, in a historical 400-year-old building, with a modern kitchen, beautiful furnishings, air-conditioning, and even a Jacuzzi whirlpool in its over-sized bathtub.


I have been photographing apartments for “Vacation in Paris”, an agency in New Jersey since 2005, during which time I have shot at least 280 properties. With all the experience and practice I’ve had I make these photos look better and better, above all after “going digital” at the end of 2008. Regardez cette page en français

The complete coverage

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Typically I take about thirty pictures in two or three hours, including eight photographs of the main room (typically the living room with perhaps an adjoining kitchen), and three pictures each of the dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, terraces, dressing room, library, laundry, office, garage, closet, pantry, living room, toilets, vestibule, entrance, etc.

Show your Paris «pied-à-terre» in its best light

One can write dozens and dozens of sentences singing the praises of an apartment, though only photographs of irreproachable quality can show how nice the place is right away, and what it’s like to stay there. With a collection of professional pictures of your apartment you will have a much easier time renting your apartment while you are not in Paris. Evocative photographs showing off your home are so helpful in building trust and communicating with potential clients.

Professionally equipped

I have a Nikon D600 reflex which takes very sharp pictures at 24 megapixels, two wireless electronic flashes, a tripod and a 12–24mm wide angle zoom lens which has a 122-degree horizontal angle of view on my camera’s full-frame sensor.

Photographs retouched, optimized and ready for the web

An apartment on rue Quincampoix in the Marais.

Stylish Marais three-bedroom apartment on rue Quincampoix, just minutes from the Pompidou Center and place du Châtelet on a narrow street spotted with small off-beat galleries.

I retouch the images with Photoshop, to balance out the exposure and light, correcting distortion and removing imperfections, which is to say possible cracks, spots, dirt, dust and reflections on windows, resulting in the equivalent of custom color prints. These images have enough resolution for high-quality printing at 16x20 inches (40x60 cm), and certainly far more than enough resolution for display on web pages.

Your pictures delivered the next day

When I’ve finished the post-treatment on the pictures, I compress them all in to a .Zip file, put this file on a server, and send you the address so you can download the photographs at your leisure.

“If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” —Edward Hopper

Let the pictures do the talking…

Reading text on web pages can be quite tiring, while beautiful images will always be appreciated. The more pictures there are on an advertisement the longer people will stay there looking at the announcement. Whether they are reading or not, the longer a visitor stays on your web announcement, the more likely they are to contact you.

And don’t worry about the light!

Interior lighting, or even the weather, is not important; in my experience I am able to light up even the largest of rooms. In any case I always turn on all the lamps, though this doesn’t help much for the lighting, at least it gives some atmosphere to the images.

An apartment on rue Marbeuf in the eighth arrondissement of Paris.

A high-end apartment on rue Marbeuf next to l’avenue des Champs-Élysées.

The pictures I take often show entire rooms, without noticeable distortion. I balance out the brightness in the highlights and shadows to keep all areas of the rooms pleasantly visible, including what’s seen outside through the windows, resulting in image quality rivaling the best photographs seen in interior decorating magazines.

With a collection of charming photographs visually explaining your home, you will have an easier time finding a buyer for your property, or rent it when you are not in Paris.

Naturally, the images will be delivered to you free of rights and you’ll be able to print them, distribute them and place them on web pages, as you wish.

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Pay on-line by bank card for a photography session of an apartment in Paris.

Why work with a photographer instead of an agency?

Agencies represent several or even dozens of photographers and it shows in fact that the image galleries on their web sites are rather mixed and go in all kinds of directions. Looking at the examples of their work one has no idea which photographer in their “team” took which photo. By working with me you are sure to receive pictures of the same quality, taken in the same spirit and with the same ambiance as seen in the images displayed below. There are only pleasant surprises at the end of the shoot, thus saving you time and money.

Web site creation

I can also put together a web site for your apartment with responsive design, created such that all the pages display well whether viewed on a telephone or on a 30-inch desktop computer screen, with direct links to web sites such as AirBnB and where visitors can reserve, in English, French, or whatever other language you wish. You can see a site I designed for Palacio de los Sueños, an agency that offers accommodations for visitors and tourists in Málaga and Granada in Spain. I can fill out and overhaul an already-existing site or create a web site from scratch, hosted on your own server.

An apartment in Asnières-sur-Seine.

Nine of the photographs taken of M. Slomka’s apartment in Asnières-sur-Seine.


I contacted apartment photographer David Henry January 29th 2013 for a photography session of my home I wanted to sell in Asnières-sur-Seine, a suburb north of Paris. We made the appointment for the next day and I allotted one hour for the session because I didn’t need many pictures; it sufficed to take a few pictures of the living room, kitchen and the bathroom, then one photograph each in the bedrooms. David delivered the photographs the next day, and a few days after that I put them in the advertisements I posted on the web sites, and

Literally 24 hours after having posted these announcements I had sold my apartment! All of which to say, quality photos are so much more evocative than any kind of text one might write for an ad…

—Benjamin Slomka

A virtual tour of the main room of an apartment, photo

A virtual tour of the living room of an apartment on rue Vavin in Paris.

<—Turn leftPauseStartTurn right—>

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This is my concept of how a “virtual visit” of an apartment’s living room should be prepared and displayed on a web page, allowing visitors to navigate clockwise and counter-clockwise in the main room with the left and right arrows on their keyboard, and see how the entire space is organized. I figure this is the best way to provide an interactive experience without creating a presentation that is visually distracting. This set of eight photographs is a classic example of how I photograph an apartment: I take one picture straight in to each of the four flat walls, as well as one photo in to each of the four corners; this way I am sure all the angles have been covered.

Examples of the apartment photographs I take, shown on the Vacation in Paris web site:

An apartment photographer taking pictures in Paris.

David Henry photographing an apartment on avenue Junot in Montmartre, with the self-timer, the camera on a tripod and the flash off-camera with a diffusing hood.

The dining room in a luxury apartment on rue la Boétie.

A typically Haussmannian apartment, with high ceilings, wood floor, fireplace, close to the Champs-Élysées, you can walk to Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Grand Palais etc.

The living room of an apartment on rue Berryer.

Champs-Élysées deluxe two bedroom—Very handsome large two bedroom near l’avenue des Champs-Élysées.

The salon of an apartment on rue du Roule.

Louvre-Les Halles one bedroom: A very central spacious one bedroom apartment, easy walk to the Louvre, Les Halles, the famed Saint-Eustache Church, and the hip pedestrian-only rue Montorgueil market street.

A panoramic photograph of an apartment on place Dauphine.

Île de la Cité luxury: an extremely bright and quiet duplex, located on the third and fourth floors on place Dauphine.

The dining/living room in an apartment on rue de Buci.

Rue de Buci: a luxury one bedroom apartment accommodating up to four adults in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood.

A bedroom in an apartment on rue Alfred-de-Vigny.

Parc Monceau Extraordinaire luxury two bedroom: Looking out over the green and lush parc Monceau with its private terrace and garden of 120 sq ft, it is only a few steps away from l’Arc de Triomphe.

A panorama of the Grand Foyer inside the Opéra Garnier in Paris.

The Grand Foyer inside the palais Garnier, looking towards the west. Charles Garnier intended the Grand Foyer to resemble the gallery of a classical château. This picture was commissioned by Jan Mulder, a Dutch musician, who had the photograph printed at 37x120 feet as a backdrop on stage for his concerts. See this panorama behind the musicians during one of Mr. Mulder’s concerts.

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