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Photographs by David Henry

The last picture I took in the United States in 1996.

See the the photos I’ve taken in the United States; Boston and Massachusetts.

A view from a jetty, seen from the ferry terminal.

Photographs from trips I’ve taken to Italy: Rome, Amalfi, Naples, Pompei & Ventimiglia.

Lisa Guerard on pont des Arts, in front of the musée du Louvre.

Portrait photographer Paris, pictures taken of people in the City of Lights.

Spring time rain gently falling on the pond in the gardens behind Claude Monet’s home in Giverny.

Pictures of France, photographs I’ve taken elsewhere around the country, outside of Paris: île d’Oléron, Giverny, Arles, Saint-Tropez…

A visitor wandering among the sculptures at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Photographs of England: London, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Victoria and Albert Museum, Whitehall Palace, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Winchester Cathedral, and the Natural History Museum.

The editing staff had lots of fun inserting dozens and dozens my pictures of Paris at the beginning, the end, and all throughout the program…

David Henry on television in France, in a documentary entitled «Les Américains de Paris», shown on NRJ Paris; on TV in Shanghai in a show about the Da Vinci Code; and Julie Rose Wilde’s Mystery of Love.

With a collection of good pictures of your apartment you will have a much easier time renting your apartment while you are not in Paris.

Professional apartment photography in Paris: Have professional quality pictures taken of your apartment in Paris with quality rivaling the best of interior decoration magazines, suitable for print and web page use.

A view from above the clouds, looking down from a cable car cabin.

Take a look at the photographs I took on a trip to Switzerland

Farmlands surrounding Staufen, viewed from Staufenburg, the town’s ruined castle.

See the pictures I took on a trip to Germany

Creeping wisteria adorn a wall in Guebwiller.

Take a look at the photographs I took in Alsace-Lorraine

People protesting against the National Front on boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris, May First, 2002.

Photographs of demonstrations and street rallies in Paris.

Above: a picture to accompany an article about Strasbourg.

David Henry in the press: clippings from magazines, newspapers and books.

featuring the creations of Rock & Roll Suicide, and Édith and Raphaël…

Fashion Photographs: Pictures of fashion shows in Paris.

Kids whetting their whistles while waiting for cake…

Wedding photographs, pictures of wedding celebrations.

Bon 2, a cozy restaurant at 2 rue du Quatre-Septembre.

Pictures of Paris cafés, restaurants, shops and boutiques taken for EasyJet’s Inflight magazine, and Virtuoso’s Travel+Life magazine.

Take a look at the pictures I published in the Traveler’s Companion series of tourism/travel guide books, above…

Write me a note if you would like to find out more about my work as a photographer, or are interested in publishing my pictures.

How to order prints…

Photo workshop Paris: Learn the secrets behind these pictures!

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