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«Impressions de France», a television show about the da Vinci Code phenomena in Paris, broadcast in Shanghai.

Watch a TV show about the Da Vinci Code in which I appeared.

Photographs of da Vinci Code Paris

pictures of Saint-Sulpice Church, the musée du Louvre, l’arc du Carrousel, I.M. Pei’s Inverted Pyramid, pont du Carrousel, and the jardin des Tuileries, by photographer David Henry. Regardez cette page en français

I was commissioned by Random House/Doubleday to take pictures for the special collectors’ illustrated edition of “The da Vinci Code”, by Dan Brown, a visual, guided tour through all the places mentioned in the novel, released November 2, 2004. Tom Reeves and Monique Wells wrote an article about what it was like taking pictures for this book.

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All of these pictures are available as high-resolution TIFF image files, and naturally, any of these pictures can be converted to black and white. Many others were taken at each photo shoot, so there are plenty of other choices if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for. Photography shoots can also be arranged in Paris and the surrounding regions…

The famous hotel, opened by César Ritz in 1896.

The Ritz Hotel in place Vendôme, Paris

An Arago medallion next to the Palais Royal, across from the Louvre Museum.

One of the Arago plaques that mark the Rose Line in Paris

The Arago line, named after astronomist Dominique François Jean Arago, runs under l’Observatoire de Paris, and dates from the observatory’s construction in 1672.

One of the Arago Medallions placed along Paris’ “Rose Line”

The Pyramide Inversée, designed by I.M. Pei, was conceived as a sort of a “chandelier”, spreading daylight through the Carousel du Louvre, the undergound shopping mall next to the Louvre Museum.

The Pyramide Inversée in the Carrousel du Louvre

The arch is on the axis that runs past place de la Concorde, on to arc de Triomphe

L’arc du Carrousel at the western end of the Louvre

The Pyramide Inversée, designed by I.M. Pei was conceived as a “flip” answer to the monumental pyramid entrance to the Louvre Museum.

The Carrousel du Louvre’s Pyramide Inversée

Where the Leonardo da Vinci’s “Madonna of the Rocks”, and Caravaggio’s “Death of a Virgin” are on display.

The floor of the Grande Galerie inside the musée du Louvre

The Pyramide Inversée is located behind I.M. Pei’s other, more-famous pyramid in Paris

The Pyramide Inversée next to the musée du Louvre

Giovanni Nicolo Servandoni, an architect born in Florence, Italy, designed Saint-Sulpice’s façade in the classical style.

The second level of Église Saint-Sulpice’s façade

The inscriptions in the upper-right hand corner originally said the astrolab was constructed thanks to the king and a few of his ministers, Jean-Frédérique Phélipeaux, Comte de Maurepas, and Philibert Orry, Directeur Générale des Bâtiments du Roi.

The plaque at the bottom of the astronomical gnomon, inside Saint-Sulpice Church

A beam of sunlight falls on the copper plaque in Saint-Sulpice Church, on the summer solstice.

The summer equinox plaque inside Saint-Sulpice Church

The Astronomical gnomon in Saint-Sulpice was commissioned in order to determine the exact date of easter, and the winter and summer equinoxes.

The astronomical gnomon inside Saint-Sulpice Church

Baudelaire and the Marquis de Sade were baptised in Saint-Sulpice

The chapel of the Holy Virgin, behind the high altar inside église Saint-Sulpice

One side of arc de Triomphe seen from the champs-Élysées

The western façade of arc de Triomphe seen from the champs-Élysées

Sacré-Coeur was designed by Paul Abadie in a Romano-Byzantine style in 1875.

Montmartre by night: Basilique Sacré-Cœur

The entrance on the right hand side of Notre-Dame Cathedral’s main façade, known as the “Portal Saint-Anne”.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame’s southern doorway

Pont du Carousel was inaugurated in 1834 by king Louis-Philippe to celebrate the opening of the jardin des Tuileries.

Pont du Carousel, between the Louvre Museum and the Seine

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