A man sleeping in the Blue Sands bar in Boston.

A man sleeping in front of his beer in the Blue Sands, a very charming dive bar in downtown Boston that became popular with people in their 20s after the mid-1970s until the bar closed in 1983. With the Blue Sands gone, the bar’s habitués went on to spend their afternoons and evenings at J.J. Foley’s, close by at 21 Kingston Street. Two more pictures of my friends at the Bue Sands are shown below…

Photographs of Boston.

A young man at the Blue Sands bar in Boston.

Charles Hummel seen from behind the bar at the Blue Sands.

Three people in their 20s at the Blue Sands, a dive bar in Boston.

Charles Hummel, Linda Brown and Rich Martin hanging out at the Blue Sands in Christmas season.